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After placement of a laparoscopic band for weight reduction, it is often necessary to adjust the volume of fluid (the ‘fill’) in order to optimize the width of the passage. Your physician may perform this in the office. Frequently he will request the radiologist to perform this study. The radiologist has the advantage of being able to visualize the port with fluoroscopy, as well as administer barium and assess in real-time the appearance of the band.


- Please refrain from eating at least two hours prior to the procedure.
- Please take your normal prescribed medications.
- On the day of your exam, please go directly to the 3310 Richmond location. Please be sure to bring the signed order from your physician requesting the examination, and your insurance cards as well.

Your Radiology Examination:

- A baseline upper GI will be performed. You will be given a barium liquid to drink. This flavored liquid shows clearly on an x-ray, making it possible to deliver an accurate diagnosis.
- The lap band access port is identified fluoroscopically. The site is prepped and local analgesia administered. Under fluoroscopic guidance, the port is accessed with a special needle. Fluid is withdrawn; the volume carefully documented. Sterile fluid is re-injected with sequential barium studies performed to assess optimal filling. This examination takes an average of 1 hour.
- The radiologist will send a report to your doctor.