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An upper GI is an examination that evaluates the esophagus, stomach and proximal small bowel. Images depict findings that may be helpful in diagnosing such disorders as esophageal reflux, erosive gastritis, tumors and ulcers.


-After midnight on the day preceding your x-ray, do not eat any food or drink any liquids.
-If you are on a prescribed medication, please check with your physician to see if you can take your medication along with the x-ray examination preparation.
-On the day of your exam, please go directly to 3310 Richmond location. Please be sure to bring the signed order from your physician requesting the examination, and your insurance cards as well.

Your Radiology Examination:

-In the Radiology Department on the day of your x-ray, you will be given a barium liquid to drink. This flavored liquid shows clearly on an x-ray, making it possible to deliver an accurate diagnosis.
-You will stand with your back against an x-ray table. The radiologist will view your stomach or throat through the use of a digital fluoroscope and television monitor.
-The doctor will ask you to swallow the barium liquid, and at certain times ask you to briefly hold your breath while x-ray-images are taken.
-The table will then be lowered and while you are lying down, the radiologist will again ask you to swallow the barium liquid while more x-ray pictures are taken.
-If your physician requested an Esophogram or Barium Swallow, you will go through a similar procedure, but concentrating on the esophagus. An Esophagram takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete.
-The Gl Series examination takes between 30 minutes and one hour to complete.
-your personal physician may request that you have a small Bowel series along with you gastro intestinal examination. This will involve having additional x-rays taken as the barium liquid travels through the small intestine. This examination takes an average of 2 hours.
-The radiologist will send a report to your doctor.